"The cryptohub is an research lab which is dedicated to bringing innovative projects to life. We are especially interested in privacy, cryptography, anonymity, and computer security."

We are involved in the building of an multi-party encryption protocol for groupchat.

An avant-garde multi-platform desktop instant messaging client designed with security and anonymity by default. Written in Python.

We like jabber services, unfortunately, we don't see many jabber services which only live in the Tor Hidden Service network. Next to that, we like federated hidden jabber services. This project aims to try to make that happen.

Observatory of Binary Blobs
monitors specific opensource projects like Pidgin to spot outdated libraries, whether the binaries are compiled with hardened compiler options, which compiler has been used and whether the shipped binaries use unsafe functions.

Crypto.is is an organization designed to assist and encourage anonymity and encryption research, development, and use. As part of this goal, we seek to revitalize the Cypherpunk movement and provide better software, security, and anonymity to individuals worldwide.

Amsterdam's Privacy & Anonymity Research Lab
Amsterdam's Privacy & Anonymity Research Lab

Amsterdam's TA3M
Techno-Activism Third Mondays (TA3M) is an informal meetup designed to connect software creators and activists who are interested in censorship, surveillance, and open technology.

e-Zine mirror
Hundreds of e-Zines can be read from our mirror.